Weight Shift In Golf Swing – Rotation For Power, Accuracy And Plane

Hello everyone and welcome to this article about weight shift in golf swing. Golf is very much a sport where we gain continued skill through practice, with proper training and proper tools. It is with practice and applying any learned technique that is proper that will help us gain a better swing that is controlled […]

Hand action in the golf swing, think it’s important ?

Hand action in the golf swing. Wow, this discussion has gone through the flipping ringer, especially after a golf tournament and the beverages are flowing pretty smooth. Everyone seems to have their say as to what aspect of the grip or swinging of the club they liked best especially when they hit that iron shot […]

Golf swing takeaway drills – for perfect position everytime!

the takeawayFor all of us that play the game of golf we certainly can appreciate that it can be very demanding at times while out on the course and we are keeping tabs on ourselves on game improvement while playing which in many cases affects our ability to play well. One thing that some have […]

How to Address a Golf Ball

Learning how to play golf we come to realize how important it is that we learn the proper technique in approaching our golf shots. With our clubs being of different lengths some may be a little confused about exactly how far to stand from the golf ball, how far our hands should be from our […]

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Hello everyone and welcome to my website! Here you will see that your love for golf is like many and that it truly is the greatest game that has ever been played. I personally have loved the game of golf and played since I was about 12 yrs old. It didn’t take me long to […]